Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

To mark our 50th Year milestone we have been busy as ever pushing forward with a fresh outlook, while holding onto the tradition and values of our family-owned business.

Most prominently, we changed our name and branding to Ratzlaff & Co. this summer – the look maybe different but the name is the same, and the mission still rings true for our Team…providing quality homes that show we care about where YOU live!

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for 2021, in September we moved our office for the first time in 35 years which as you can imagine produced a nostalgic mountain of papers, plans, and paraphernalia.  Ironically, our new office address is next door to our old office, and was carefully designed and curated to truly reflect who we are – modern and timeless blended into one.

In October, we just capped off this momentous year with a Team event in our new space to celebrate and honour the last 50 years with a spirit of Thanksgiving, all the while looking forward together as the Ratzlaff & Co. Team.

Giving Back: Our Way of Celebrating!

In celebration of 50 Years, we created an in-house challenge this year that will not only benefit the Team members, but also the community that surrounds us.  Each month that we meet our Team goals, we donate an additional $1,000 to a local charity – and the best news is that we have hit them 9 out of 9 months so far! We are committed to finishing off the year strong and strive for that perfect record in 2021 – there are so many ways that we can all be part of making our community stronger, but here are some local programs that we chose to support in 2021:

  1. Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association – Initiate seed money to begin a therapy and counselling fund for those who need the support but cannot afford the amazing work at VTEA right here in the Fraser Valley.
  2. Starfish Backpack Program – Providing lunch boxes to kids in need at schools in each region where we do business – Chilliwack, Abbotsford, & Langley.
  3. Big Brothers Big Sisters
  4. Fraser Valley Childhood Development
  5. Abbotsford Police Foundation

As we head into the holiday season, we are already planning our annual Christmas Foodbank Drives, tree decorating for the Abbotsford Police Foundation, and of course our resident appreciation gifts.  We are truly grateful for this community and the country where we live, so giving back is just one way we can pass on a spirit of encouragement and make a difference in our community.

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